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  • Kissing Swan Rabbit Vibrator


    Kissing Swan Rabbit Vibrator


    Pucker up for a night of passion with the Kissing Swan dual action vibrator.

    Prepare yourself for the elegant beauty and sensational power that Swan is bringing to you with this dual action vibrator. The tapered, curved tip on the rotating body is designed to massage your G-Spot and as the rotations speed up, so do the sensations. The rabbit-style clitoral arm has a puckered-lips shaped tip that flicks and flutters as the vibration speeds increase, delivering powerful vibrations to your most sensitive area. 

    Two separate PowerBullet motors provide extraordinary power but are controlled separately with two buttons at the base. Easily increase the speed of the rotation or vibration by holding down the desired button. You’ll feel the vibrations intensify or the rotation speed up, taking you on a trip to complete bliss. 

    The Kissing Swan shell is made from 100% body-safe high-grade silicone, giving it a smooth and luxurious feeling against your skin. Its virtually seamless design makes it easy to clean and the travel lock means you won’t have any unwanted noise or motion coming from your bag. And you will want to take the Kissing Swan on the go, as it comes with a luxurious satin travel pouch and can easily be charged via the provided USB cable. 

    Always use a water-based lubricant with the Kissing Swan and remember to clean it before and after each use with a toy cleaner. 


    • 100% Premium Silicone-Covered Body
    • 21cm Long x 3.8cm Diameter
    • Incremental Speed Control
    • Internal & Clitoral Stimulation
    • Rechargeable
    • Seamless & Easy to Clean
    • Waterproof
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty

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  • The Monarch Swan Transforming Vibe


    The Monarch Swan Transforming Vibe


    Put away your other toys and transform your pleasure with a twist of The Monarch Swan.

    Experience incredible pleasure from both ends of this luxurious vibrator.  At one end is a classic vibrating wand with 5 different vibration functions including 3 speeds and 2 patterns. The sleek, sexy curved body and bulbous tip is expertly designed to hit the G-spot and deliver powerfully surging vibrations right where you need them. At the other end is a clitoral stimulator that features both air suction and a fluttering tongue, each with 5 functions of their own. Lose the need for multiple toys and replace them with one magical wand from Swan!

    With a unique twisting body, you can experience each end of the Monarch separately or together. One simple twist turns this toy into a dual-action stimulator, delivering pleasure both internally to the G-spot and externally to the clitoris so pick your way to play and get adventurous. Deep powerful vibrations from the PowerBullet motor give knee-shaking orgasms while the suction sensation and teasing tongue play with your most sensitive area for a whole other level of orgasmic release. Each function is controlled separately by the easy-press buttons, so you can have one, two, or all three performing for you at your command.

    100% premium soft, smooth silicone wraps the body, giving you the most luxurious feel against your skin. With a water-resistant rating of IPX6, you can set this toy without worry, so use it in the shower for an extra splash of fun. The Monarch is easy to clean so always give it a wash with a toy cleaner before and after every use. Always use a water-based lube with the Monarch. The Monarch is easily recharged via the included magnetic USB cable and comes with a satin storage pouch so it’s ready to go whenever and wherever you choose. 

    Experience a heightened level of luxury and pleasure with a twist. Discover fun at both ends with the Monarch Swan.


    • 100% Premium Silicone Covered Body
    • Turns from Wand to C-Shape Dual Stimulator
    • 5 Vibration Functions
    • 5 Suction Patterns
    • 5 Fluttering Tongue Patterns
    • Water-resistant (IPX6)
    • Powered by PowerBullet®
    • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
    • Charge Time: 90 Mins
    • Up to 80 Mins of Playtime
    • Virtually Seamless
    • Easy to Clean
    • Travel Lock
    • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty 

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